Anti Fur Protesters Take Over Portobello Market

On 21st of January myself and around 15  vegan activists protested against the fur stalls on Portobello Market in West London. There are several fur stalls there selling items such as full length fur coats, animal tails, fur hats, fur trimmed coats and fur scarves. So we decided to call out the stall owners and to educate the public about the barbaric fur trade.

This winter there has been a significant rise in people wearing real fur in the UK, despite the fact that it’s actually illegal to produce here. Many visitors of the market were seen wearing popular brand, Canada Goose jackets and also fur pom pom hats; another barbaric fashion accessory that is increasingly popular at the moment.

The aim of this protest was to educate the public by showing them footage of what really happens to animals that are brutally murdered for their fur, as well as showing the stall owners that it is unacceptable to profit from the extreme suffering of animals.


Due to the fact that there are so many businesses selling fur on Portobello Market, myself and the other event organizers have decided to hold these demonstrations regularly. Our aim is to put pressure on the stall owners and the market officials, and hopefully get them to remove all real fur goods from the market.


Millions of innocent animals have to suffer brutal, violent deaths every year in the name of vanity and for profit. Please help us put an end to the sale of fur on Portobello Market and help us stop the stall owners from profiting from the extreme suffering and exploitation of animals by joining us at my next protest on the 4th of February. 

If you would like to get involved and join us please see the event page:

If you are unable to join us for this event, don’t worry! You can still help. You can contact the Portobello Market officials and ask them to stop the sale of fur on their market.

Leave a comment on their Facebook page:

Tweet them:

Contact them via their website:

To speak to a Portobello market official directly please phone: 020 7727 7684

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