Michael Kors Promotes Animal Cruelty


As winter approaches, many fashion companies including Michael Kors are starting to sell more and more real fur clothing, footwear and accessories as part of their winter collections.

I was absolutely disgusted and saddened to find that Michael Kors sell a shocking amount of real animal fur, despite the fact that they sell faux fur goods. The sale of real fur is on the rise in the UK and it’s thanks to fashion corporations like Michael Kors and Canada Goose, that wearing real fur is becoming more acceptable in our society.



85% of the fur sold in the world comes that animals that were confined on fur farms. Animals that are caught in the wild are trapped using painful traps that cut the bone in their legs or crush their necks. Animals on fur farms are forced to spend their entire miserable existences crammed inside tiny, filthy cages. Because they are confined in such horrendous conditions and are unable to exhibit their natural behaviours as they would in the wild, they often turn insane. 


Animals that are slaughtered for their fur have to suffer extremely painful and brutal deaths. They are anally/vaginally electrocuted to render them unconscious and then their skin is sliced from their bodies. However, it is very common for the animals to still be fully conscious during this process, meaning that they are skinned alive.Other methods of killing animals on fur farms include poisoning them so that they become paralysed, suffocation, gassing and neck breaking. 

There is currently a campaign against Michael Kors, asking them to stop selling fur. Please help stop Michael Kors from profiting from the extreme suffering and exploitation of animals by taking part in this online action.

Please leave a comment on their Facebook page and tweet them asking them to stop selling real fur:


Contact them directly on their website:


Together we can help stop millions of innocent animals being murdered every year in the name of vanity.

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