Over 2,000 Vegans Protest in the Streets of London

On Saturday 29th of October, over 2000 vegan activists marched through the streets of London for The Official Animal Rights March.

We marched for around 3 hours holding placards, banners and some of us using megaphones; screaming for animal liberation! It was such an incredible experience to be united with so many dedicated, strong and compassionate vegans from across the UK and from across the world.


Photo Credit – Surge

It is our duty as individuals to make the animals stories heard and we must take action to end all forms of animal oppression because just being vegan isn’t enough. We need to be protesting outside of laboratories, slaughterhouses, fashion stores, pet stores, aquariums and anywhere that supports cruelty to animals. 


We must make the public aware of the abuse animals are having to endure on a daily basis and we need to make a stand against the oppressors.

I hope that this march has inspired people to become more active because the animals need us now! 

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