Vegans Clash with Slaugtherhouse Workers

Myself and a group of vegan activists recently attended an animal save vigil that was organized by Farnborough Animal Save. During the protest 5 huge trucks filled with cows, sheep and pigs came to deliver the animals to their brutal deaths.

After the demonstration finished myself and another activist decided to wait to see if any more trucks would arrive and to try and speak to some of the slaughterhouse workers. We decided to walk around to the front entrance of the abattoir (usually we wait at the back entrance where the lorries pull in) and we witnessed a worker discarding unwanted body parts in dumpster.

So I decided to confront the the workers by asking them “how do you feel knowing that you’ve killed innocent animals today?” As you can imagine, things became extremely heated very quickly. The workers soon called the police on us because we were ‘verbally abusing them’ and of course, the police soon came to their beck and call.

What kind of world do we live in where someone that murders innocent beings for a living is defended by the police? If I contacted the police and said that someone had murdered 500 kittens and puppies they would arrest the culprit straight away, but when someone kills a cow, pig, sheep or chicken the authorities condone their murders!

I will not sit idly by whilst these people torture, kill and dismember animals. I will not sit idly by whilst society condones the mass murder of trillions of sentient beings and I will not sit idly by whilst the police defend these horrific acts of injustice and cruelty. The animals need my voice and they need yours too!

If you’re reading this and you’re not vegan and you think I’m a raging lunatic please put yourselves in my shoes. Imagine being a devout tiger lover and someone had opened a tiger slaughterhouse in your local area. Would you sit back and do nothing? Would you be an oppressor and condone the brutality? Or would you do everything in your power to try and make people realize that slaughtering tigers was unnecessary and evil? Would you fight for their freedom?

Well guess what, vegans love cows, pigs, sheep, goats and chickens the same way that most people claim to love tigers, elephants, monkeys, dolphins, cats and dogs. We love all animals, we don’t pick and choose which lives matter to us. We value all life on earth and we do not believe in enslaving, exploiting and killing others for our own sensory pleasures.

Please stop paying these sadistic slaughterhouse workers to torture and dismember innocent animals for you if you claim to be an animal lover. Choose kindness and compassion over abuse and death.

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