Vegan Activists Clash with Police at a Protest Against Zippos Circus

From Friday 30th of September to Tuesday 4th of October animal rights activists held a protest outside Zippos Circus in Hampstead Heath, against the use of animals in their performances.

Zippos is notorious for abusing animals, their workers have been seen hitting and shouting and the animals. In addition, their training methods include starving the animals and whipping them. They are kept in tiny, horrific conditions with barely enough space to even move and are unable to exhibit their natural behaviours.  


Dogs and cats are kept in tiny cages for long periods of time without access to food or water.

We called for Zippos Circus to ban the use of animals in their performances. They currently exploit and abuse horses, cats, dogs and birds for entertainment and profit, despite the fact that a majority of circuses in the UK no longer use animals. Camden is one of the only remaining boroughs in London that hasn’t banned the use of animals in circuses.


One of their routines involves doing a back flip on a horses back, despite the fact that they are animals not trampolines.

During the protest, activists had their hands stood on, were grabbed, pulled, pushed and had water thrown on them by Hampstead Heath park police. Everyone that attended the demonstration was legally allowed to be in the park, therefore to physically remove activists was assault!

After receiving nothing but abuse from the police for the first few days, things quickly turned heated and we began to clash with the officers even more. This video footage shows the moment officers clashed with protesters outside. One activist can be seem shouting “The plastic police bully women!”


Activists chalked on the floor using slogans such as ‘This circus abuses animals’

If like us, you are against animal abuse and would like to to Zippos Circus to stop abusing innocent, defenceless animals please get involved in some online action. If more people show that they are against this, we will have a much better chance of  ending the use and abuse of animals in circuses.

Contact Camden Council and City Of London in 3 ways and ask them to follow other councils by banning the use of all animals in circus acts:


FACEBOOK: (leave a review stating that you disagree with Zippos using animals)

PHONE: 02079745633
FACEBOOK: (leave a review stating that you would like them to ban the use of animals in circuses)
PHONE: 020 7606 3030

2 thoughts on “Vegan Activists Clash with Police at a Protest Against Zippos Circus

  1. Kristina Wood says:

    I was assaulted by Martin (Zippos owner) last night for filming him assault another girl. He smashed my phone on the ground but when he realised that it didn’t break he proceeded to push me, hit me in the back and attempt to trip me over. I am female and I am just over 5ft tall. He did not attempt to attack any of the men I was with – only me. During the attack, some of my property fell to the floor and his staff picked it up and ran away with it. It took 3 men to get him off of me. Police are involved.


    • Pretty Ethical says:

      Hi Kristina, I think I met you at the animals rights march after party. I remember you telling me this! It doesn’t surprise me at all! The people working their are violent and have no respect for animals or people. I honestly hope the police do something and you can get some justice! I hope you’re okay.


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