London Fashion Week Anti Fur Protest 2016

On the 17th & 18th of September myself and a group of vegan activists protested outside London Fashion Week against the use of animal fur. The anti fur Earthlings Experience was organised by political activism group Surge and lasted for 2 days over the weekend.

We combined the Earthlings Experience, an anti fur protest and educational outreach as we stood up for the abused and tortured animals of the fur industry. Animals  that are most commonly used to produce fur include dogs, cats, foxes, minks, chinchillas and rabbits. The animals are packed in to tiny cages, with little to no room which causes the animals to become insane. Resulting in them hurting themselves, self mutilating and even becoming cannibalistic; much like livestock animals such as pigs and chickens.

Common forms of killing these animals include using the poisonous fumes from engine exhausts in an attempt to make them unconscious. However, this method is often ineffective and many animals often remain fully conscious whilst they are being skinned and having their fur ripped from their bodies. 

Animals are also held down with clamps and then have electric prods inserted into their mouths, anuses or vaginas to cause death by a heart attack. However animals remain often conscious for 30 seconds after the process, in which time they are forced to suffer a heart attack while they are still fully conscious.
Other methods of killing animals on fur farms include paralyzing poisons, gassing , decompression chambers and neck breaking..

To take part in the next Surge activism event and Earthlings experience please check out the links below.

The Earthlings Experience: