Spending Time With Cows

I spent the day with a herd of beautiful cows, trying to feed and stroke them. The cows are grazing in a public field in Richmond, London until October. Although these cows are currently allowed to graze here for now, they are still being raised as ‘grass fed beef’ and will eventually be slaughtered.

These cows are far from free, they are someone’s property and will eventually become someones ‘food’. It’s heartbreaking.When I first approached the cows they were absolutely terrified and I don’t blame them. They’ve been treated like nothing but objects by other people.

After a few hours of trying to stroke them and feed them, they began to warm to me, allowing me to feed them carrots and apples. I will continue to visit them every week until the day comes that they are no longer there. It saddens me to think that in a month they will be gone. The least I can do is spend time with them and show compassion towards them whilst I still can.

I hope that people can see that cows are just as innocent and beautiful as the cats and dogs that society chooses to love and respect. Cows are not ‘beef’ or milk making machines. They are friends, not food.


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