What’s Wrong With Pork?

Annually, over 1 billion pigs are slaughtered for meat every year. A common method for slaughtering pigs include CO2 gassing. Which is supposed to be a so-called ‘humane’ way to take an innocent beings life. Pigs are left to suffer, shriek and hyperventilate in gas chambers until the gas eventually kills them. 

It is also common practice for male piglets to be castrated at just a few days old. Usually without any anesthesia or pain killers. Piglets are also tail docked and have the ends of their teeth broken off using pliers. You may be wondering, why do farmers cut off their tails and teeth? Because most pigs across the world live in crammed, filthy conditions with barely enough space to move; pigs often suffer from mental stress. This can result in pigs cannibalizing other pigs (tail biting is a common risk).

If people didn’t abuse and confine pigs, they wouldn’t result in eating each other to death. The simple solution is to to stop treating these intelligent animals as slaves and to let them live lives free from exploitation. Check out my latest short video to see the horrifying reality of pig farming for yourself! 



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