The Truth About Chicken

Most people that consume chicken are completely unaware of the processes behind their food. A Majority of people don’t even think about the fact that a chicken had to suffer and die in order to produce meat for them to eat. Every year nearly 1 billion chickens are slaughtered in the UK for food and around 9 billion in the US.

Chickens are killed using methods such as throat slitting and stunning, they are then immersed into a boiling hot water to remover their feathers. Many birds are still conscious throughout this horrific procedure and experience extremely painful deaths. Even if poultry chickens are raised on free-range farms where they are able to roam free, they will all still end up being unnecessarily killed for human consumption. No slaughter is ever humane and no animal should ever have to die for your meal.

Not only is the poultry industry extremely cruel and evil, it is extremely harmful to our environment. Poultry farms produce a tremendous amount of pollution. In addition, chicken carcasses are often contaminated with various harmful pathogenic bacteria’s such as Salmonella. Check out my latest video for more facts and information about chicken.

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