What Is Veganism?

Veganism is a way of living without participating in any forms of animal exploitation and animal cruelty. Vegans don’t consume meat, dairy, eggs, or honey. Vegans don’t wear or consume any animal products or buy anything that has been tested on animals or that contains animal derivatives.Vegans also don’t go to zoos, circuses, rodeo shows, aquariums, bull fighting events or horse races.

Animals are not products, they are sentient beings that deserve to live. Animals feel happiness and pain just like humans and they want to live just as much as we do! Most people claim to love animals but yet they pay other people to torture and kill them just because they like the way that they taste.

I know many of you are probably thinking “veganism is so extreme. I could never be a vegan!” but believe it or not, being vegan is as easy as breathing. Veganism is only difficult when you are thinking about it from a selfish point of view and not from the victims point of view, the animals. Vegans believe that all life on earth deserves to live free from harm and suffering. We believe that an animals life is worth more than just a meal, jacket or pair of shoes.

Every year 156 billion land animals and 2.7 trillion fish are slaughtered just for food across the world. That doesn’t even include the animals that have die for entertainment purposes (such as horse racing), the clothing industry (for leather, wool, fur, silk and down), hunting, animal testing, animal shelters and the cosmetic industry. Animals are the most oppressed beings on this planet. If humans were killed at the same rate that we kill animals, our species would become extinct within a matter of weeks.

Veganism isn’t a bizzare cult that you can only join if you are a ‘hippie’. Vegans are constantly portrayed as being weird, preachy, extremist that think they are superior to everyone, when that is far from true! We are vegan because we believe that all life is equal. Every single second, thousands of animals are being slaughtered by humans, all we are trying to do is save as many lives as we possibly can.

When you think about it, is it really weird and extreme to not want to consume a dead mutilated animal? Is it extreme to not want animals to suffer for your own personal pleasure? Is it weird to not want to drink the breast milk from another species? Is it extreme to not want to consume an unfertilized egg that’s come out of a chickens anus/vagina (chicken period)?  Is it extreme to not want to wear the skin of dead being? No. It’s extreme to eat the flesh of an innocent being. It’s extreme to drink the milk that’s intended to feed a cows young. Most vegans weren’t born vegan. Most of us once consumed animal products, we just decided to choose compassion over taste.  I really hope that you will do the same!

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