Out In Nature


On Sunday I went on a 9 mile walk and came across a dairy farm. I spent hours feeding the cows apples and grass. They were terrified at first until they realized all I wanted was to stroke them, feed them and spend time with them. They must think all humans are evil.

Even though they are free to roam fields and are not in a factory farm, they are still being exploited for their milk.  They have all been dehorned. They have all given birth and had their calves taken away from them (probably sold for veil or killed for cheese production). They will all end up at the slaughterhouse.


Just like humans, cows have to be pregnant in order to produce milk. Instead of their milk going to their beautiful babies, it is sold to selfish humans. Humans are not baby cows. We don’t need cows milk just like we don’t need our mothers milk once we are past a certain age.

Cows can typically live until they are over 20 years old, but are slaughtered at around 5-6 years old. They don’t deserve to be exploited and murdered. The next time that you want to consume dairy, please remember the victims that had to suffer for the cheese, yogurt, milk or cream. There are so many dairy free, cruelty free alternatives out there! Choose to be compassionate, go vegan.

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