What Do Vegans Eat?

Whenever I tell someone that I’m vegan, the first question they ask me is “what do you eat then?” and after awhile it can become slightly annoying. I know that a lot of people don’t really understand veganism, but it really irritates me when people assume all I eat is lettuce and tofu.

A vegan diet can be as varied as a non vegan diet. There is a huge misconception that vegans can’t eat anything. I can still indulge in ice cream and cakes if I want to. Believe it or not I can eat pretty much every thing that I used to eat on before I was vegan, just minus the cruelty.

These days, there are delicious vegan versions of almost anything! From chicken style meat alternatives to gooey vegan cheese. You can buy vegan chocolate, yogurts, burgers, butter, mayonnaise… the list is endless. And for those of you that are wondering ‘what am I supposed to pour in my cereal?’ do not threat. There are several different types of plant based milks  available on the market. These include soya milk, rice milk, oat milk, hemp milk, almond milk, hazelnut milk and coconut milk. 

Like I mentioned previously, a vegan diet can be as varied as you want it to be. You don’t have to buy vegan alternatives if you don’t want to. A diet consisting of just whole foods is perfectly fine too. You can still cook amazing tasty food, just replace meat with vegetables and legumes instead. For example, instead of making a beef curry make a vegetable curry instead. Instead of making a a chicken stir fry, have a vegetable stir fry. It’s really that simple. 

There really is no reason for anyone to continue eating animal products. A vegan diet is the healthiest diet a person can have. Scientist have proved that vegans actually live longer than non vegans! Not only is being vegan a healthier lifestyle choice, it is also a compassionate way of living. By becoming vegan, you will be saving the lives of hundreds of animals in your life time and also reducing your carbon foot print. 

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