The Truth About Bacon

Everyone loves bacon. Bacon with eggs, bacon with pancakes, bacon in a salad, bacon sandwiches, bacon in burgers, some people even love bacon ice cream. Everyone is bacon crazy. I must admit, there was a point in my life when I used to enjoy eating bacon as much as most people, even though it sickens me to admit.

Now that I’m vegan, the thought of mutilated pig flesh makes me feel sick and overwhelmed with sadness. When I used to consume meat, I never thought about what I was actually eating. I was ignorant and blind, unaware of all the suffering and devastation my lifestyle was causing to animals, the planet and my health.

 As a vegan, I’m constantly faced with comments from meat eaters such as “mmm bacon!” or “go and eat some bacon!”.  I’ve come across a variety of people that won’t become vegan because they love bacon so much, but is liking bacon really a good enough excuse for someone not to become vegan? People genuinely believe that bacon is something worth missing. Bacon is nothing more than processed dead pig.

Approximately 10 million pigs are slaughtered for food every year in the UK and 110 million in the US alone. 156 billion  land animals and 90 billion tons of marine life are slaughtered across the world annually. Do you really truly believe that your meal is worth a life? These innocent beings do not deserve to die.

Not only is bacon a product of cruelty, it is extremely harmful to the human body and can cause a variety of cancers. Processed meats such as bacon and ham, have been classed as a group 1 carcinogenic by The World Health Organization. This essentially means that processed meats definitely cause cancer. Is bacon really worth risking your own health?

Not only is pork consumption extremely cruel and harmful to our bodies, it is extremely harmful to our planet. Pigs produce toxic waste that gets flushed into anaerobic lagoons, known as pig waste lagoons. These lagoons release toxic greenhouse gases and ammonia into the atmosphere. These lagoons also contaminate local rivers with feces, antibiotics and harmful bacteria’s that are found in pig waste.



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