My Vegan Journey

I decided to create a video discussing why I became vegan. People ask me all the time to make a “why I went vegan” video so I finally did it! I want people to understand that I used to eat meat, dairy and eggs just like most people. Anyone can change their lifestyle and eating habits if you’re determined.

Most vegans weren’t born vegan, so we can understand how daunting the idea of veganism might be to some people. If your argument for not becoming vegan is “I love meat too much”then you need to try and realize that a life isn’t worth a taste. Did you know that to produce 1 hamburger 660 gallons of water are required? That’s the equivalent to showering for 2 months!

If you would like to find out more information about how animal agriculture is affecting our planet then I’d recommend that you check out

I hope my video can inspire some of you research the benefits of veganism.

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