Awakening Compassion Demonstration

Yesterday I attended an animal rights demonstration in Trafalgar  Square, London. The demonstration was organised by We Are The Numbers a vegan outreach group. It lasted for about 3 hours and there were over 50 of us taking part! It was a perfect day. There were thousands of people ascending upon the square because of various political protests and animal rights protests.

As you can imagine, we were faced with ignorant comments such as “mmm bacon” and “I love a steak” on a few occasions but that was to be expected. Personally, I only heard about 4 people make negative comments. I witnessed people smirking and giggling, but overall a majority of the responses were good! It was incredible to watch people’s reactions once they read the plaque cards. It was like I could see people’s thought processes. I could see people’s minds reconnecting with the animals and vegan seeds being planted.

I was overwhelmed by how many people stopped to take photographs and to take the leaflets that we were handing out. We handed out 2,000 leaflets in total! We were also showing people footage of animals in slaughter houses in return for a slice of vegan cake and there were a couple of people that vowed to stop eating meat!

I hope this video inspires you and makes you want to get involved with animal rights activism. If you’re based in London and would like to take part in the next Awakening Compassion demonstration or other vegan events please click here. You could even arrange an event yourself! The animals need our voice.

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