My Vegan Take Out


Pizza has always been my weakness. Prior to becoming vegan I would have a pizza take out at least once a week, sometimes even twice (I know, disgusting!). Considering the lack of vegan pizza joints in West London, I never even entertained the idea that there could be one right on my doorstep.

So last night I actually looked on Hungryhouse and came across Firezza, an Italian pizza restaurant in Chiswick (they have 17 branches in London). I’d checked them out a couple of months ago but they used to charge an extra £2.50 for vegan cheese which I thought was outrageous. I saw that they now no longer charged extra for dairy free cheese so I 100% had to try their food!

I’m happy that I can finally order a vegan pizza from the comfort of my own home and get it delivered straight to my door! The pizza was EPIC. The cheese was gooey, the base was crunchy and the tomato sauce was rich. I must admit the pizza could of benefited from a few more mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Also the base was slightly on the thick side, but other than that I was impressed. The price was completely reasonable, costing me just over £14 for a 12 inch.

I’d definitely recommend Firezza to all my fellow vegan Londoners out there! If you try them and they don’t tickle your fancy then you can always tweet/contact your local pizza delivery and hound them about getting some plant based cheese! Who knows, they might be open to your suggestions.

Anyway guys, I hope you found my review informative and I hope you take the opportunity to try Firezza’s vegan pizza’s. I can’t wait to try them again!


2 thoughts on “My Vegan Take Out

    • Pretty Ethical says:

      Hey Chloe. I’m not actually sure what cheese they used, the next time I order from them I’ll definitely ask. Someone told me that they use Violife but I’m not 100% certain. I’m really excited to try Zizzi’s too! Hopefully other restaurants like Pizza Express will start introducing vegan cheese soon. Thanks for your comment, Shadia.

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